10 December 2014


Professional high inclination engines for use in extreme conditions and rough slope.

product image

The series of Honda engines that Ferrari has identified with the commercial code ALPS and that it will use on its professional mower 530 S Grifon, 530 S Grifon EasyDrive PowerSafe and 560 HY WS PowerSafe as of the current season is the result of collaboration with Honda technicians tested these engines for two years. They are intended for use on steep slopes. 

The ALPS series includes two Honda engines GX340 (10,7 HP) and GX390 (11,7 HP), with technical solutions that allow working with the utmost regularity on slopes exceeding 35°:

- To improve the oil return flow under inclination, the crankcase negative pressure was increased by adding special one way valve into the blow by gas passage.

- Fuel membrane pump with protection bracket.

- Fuel filter with adjusted level gauge to avoid overfilling and leakage.