10 October 2014


Powerful, manageable, versatile but most of all... safe!

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The conservation and the protection of our costumers’ safety are two principles which lie at the bottom of our care and success.
Ferrari has grown alongside people who live and work in close contact with nature day after day, giving them machines to cultivate their passions, whether they are simple hobby farmers or they are professional operators.

With the publication on the Official Journal of the European Union in date 26th May 2010, ended the formal procedures of the Standard EN 709/A4 which establishes new requirements for Two-wheel tractors and Motor hoes safety.

Ferrari distributes its own two-wheel tractors already in June 2009 provided with PowerSafe®, a patented system one of a kind.

The hydraulic clutch in an oil bath with an integrated automatic brake together with a number of functional and ergonomic updates make the machines more reliable, comfortable and safe within the European Standard:

1. The two-wheel tractors have a hold-to-run control which the operator holds while working with minimum effort.
2. If the user abandons the handlebar the machine and the attachment will stop almost in the same time, while the engine continues working.
3. When you start the engine, the machine and the attachment keep still.
4. It is possible to start or restart the machine only on purpose, holding firmly the handlebar and releasing the clutch lever.
5. It is not possible to insert in the same time the rotary hoe and the reverse gear.
6. A special control allows the engine switching.
7. The edges have been removed from the covering’s profile of the rotary hoe.
8. The machines are all equipped with brakes.
9. The maximum speed is lower than 8 km/h
10. The control to turn back was studied and realised to prevent accidental activation.
11. All models are equipped with intuitive pictograms that are clearly visible show the operator how to use all controls.

These are the eleven cornerstones on which the new Community Safety Standards are based.
WE achieved an exclusive result: power, reliability, comfort and respect of the regulations… together!

The warranty is also extended to 5 years on the clutch assembly of Ferrari PowerSafe two-wheel tractors and motor mowers.

An advice: before choosing a two-wheel tractor, whatever brand it is, it’s in your best interest to demand that your machine has been build within these Standards.