04 November 2014

Self Cleaning System

Prevention is better than treatment!

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The cooling system on the tractors in the Ferrari medium range and top range can be equipped (as an option and as standard on MT versions) with the Self Cleaning System that enables the engine and the hydraulic system to operate with the maximum safety margin at all times.
This system keeps the radiator and intake grilles of the tractor always free of dust and any debris picked up during operation, avoiding any dangerous overheating. 

What does the Self Cleaning System consist of?
The Self Cleaning System consists of an engine cooling system fitted with a large radiator teamed with an electromagnetically-controlled intake fan situated behind the radiator and an electric blower fan situated in front of the radiator. The cooling fan is not connected rigidly to the engine as in traditional cooling systems, but rather by an electromagnetic clutch operated by a control system.

How do you start the Self Cleaning System and how does it work?
The special cooling system is operated by a triple-function button that the operator can select depending on the various uses and changing requirements.

Starting the Self Cleaning System with the two fans operating together intermittently. When the temperature inside the radiator rises and reaches a set value, the large intake fan starts, causing the air to flow through the radiator itself and therefore cool down. 
When the ideal engine operating temperature level is reached, the control system stops the intake fan, starting the smaller blower fan situated in front of the radiator. 
This fan causes a violent gush of air to strike the dirt which has built up on the radiator grille, forcing it to fall down onto the ground and therefore cleaning the radiator grille entirely.
When the temperature inside the engine reaches the top limit again, the system stops the small "cleaner" blower fan and re-starts the large cooling fan.
The grille is cleaned during the time intervals when the cooling system is in any case inactive.

Starting the intake fan only with intermittent operation that starts/stops when a given temperature is reached, like the normal cooling system in a car.

Starting the intake fan only with constant operation like the normal cooling system in a tractor.

What are the advantages of the Self Cleaning System?
1. The Self Cleaning System does away with the operator's obligation to perform constant and tiresome machine stoppages to remove any residue built up on the tractor bonnet. 
Some activities, such as mowing forage or cutting shoots, due to the characteristics of the equipment used, raise an incredible quantity of dust, debris, flowers and pollen into the air, which are all taken in by the radiator and build up on the grilles of the bonnet, preventing the regular flow of air and clogging the tractor cooling circuits. 
This problem not only causes potentially irreparable damage to the engine but it also forces the operator to stop frequently to clean the grilles "by hand". 
The Self Cleaning System is the simple and rational solution to this problem thanks to the 'automatic' grille cleaning cycle.   
2. The engine cooling fan is started by the system only when necessary and for the period required, otherwise it stops. This means it does not absorb power from the engine, it is noiseless and the tractor grille does not get clogged when there is not intake.   
3. When the tractor starts with the engine cold, the ideal temperature for the engine operation is reached more quickly and the cab heating is improved and speeded up concurrently.   
4. During road transfers, so in the presence of a strong air flow due to the speed of the tractor, the cooling fan is almost always at a standstill. All this makes for lower consumption levels and a longer engine life.   
5. In the presence of clean air, the cleaning fan can be disabled. The system works like a normal car-type cooling system (ECO function).