28 January 2015


70° of pure performance

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"With the double steering system the VEGA SDT DUALSTEER have exceptional maneuverability: the minimum turning radius of 2580 mm, the best of category, allows to enter and exit from the rows in a single operation, with obvious time savings and productivity gains!"

The DUALSTEER® is a patented double steering system that combines the central articulation of the frame with the steering of the front wheels: this allows to realize a real steering angle equal to approximately 70°, with the greater percentage of steering to the wheels of the front axle for ensure greater directionality.

From the operational point of view the driver only needs to operate the steering wheel because the control of the engagement proportionality of the two devices, which act simultaneously, is guaranteed by a hydraulic circuit and by a specific system of mechanical connection of synchronization. The hydraulic circuit acts both on the steering cylinders of the central articulation and on the steering cylinders of the front wheels while the connection system guarantees the synchrony and the progressiveness of the steering.

The additional hydraulic cylinder on the central steering increases both the power steering with high accuracy at very low speeds also in presence of high load on the axles, both the direction and stability on road transfer at high speeds.

The turning radius limited to 2580 mm (with wheels 260/70-16 * 300/70-20) makes the VEGA SDT DUALSTEER successful when used on the side slopes of the row crops, in vineyards and orchards with narrow row spacing and greenhouse cultivation.

- Turning radius SDT RS version:  3550 mm (with wheels 260/70-16 * 300/70-20)
- Turning radius SDT DUALSTEER version:  2580 mm (with wheels 260/70-16 * 300/70-20)