530 S EasyDrive® PowerSafe®

The Ferrari 530 S EasyDrive® PowerSafe® mowers have a gearbox with three forward and three reverse speeds with an EasyDrive hydromechanical reverser and a PowerSafe hydraulic clutch.

This combination means maximum driving comfort and perfect machine control.

The engines are a petrol 10,7 hp Honda GX340 Alps and a 10 hp Yanmar LN100 diesel engine. 

The bars available, from 115 to 180 cm wide, are in the “Laser”, “Laser Elasto”, with middle cut fingers and Duplex versions.

The transmissions, which support and drive the cutter bars, are available in a maintenance-free "Torx" models in oil bath.

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Engine Fuel Starter Power KW/HP
Honda GX340 Alps Gasoline Recoil 8 / 10,7
Yanmar LN100 Diesel Recoil 7,5 / 10


sample powersafe Maximum width (without attachment):

  • with wheels 5.0-10:  889 mm
  • with wheels 5.0-10 + Super Bite:  1159 mm
  • with wheels 21x11.00-8 Terra Tyre:  1060 mm
  • with wheels 20x8.00-10 Lug Tyre (narrow rim):  730 mm
  • with wheels 20x8.00-10 Lug Tyre:  889 mm
  • with wheels 20x8.00-10 Garden:  889 mm
  • with steel wheels 3x300:  1070 mm
  • with steel wheels 4x400:  1230 mm

Technical features

sample powersafe
  • No. of speeds FWD/REV: 3 + 3
  • Quick reverser: hydromechanical EasyDrive
  • Clutch: multi-disc in oil bath PowerSafe
  • Differential with lock: no
  • Reduction unit in oil bath on each wheel
  • PTO: independent at 990 rpm with engagement in oil bath
  • Steering clutch/brake assembly on each wheel
  • Parking brake
  • Driving position with height and side adjustable handlebar mounted on shock absorbers to reduce vibrations
  • Weight with GX340 Alps engine, 5.0-10 wheels, oil bath transmission and cm. 135 cutter bar: kg. 179
  • Graph of the speeds in km/h with 5.0-10 tyres


sample powersafe
The patented hydromechanical reverser EasyDrive system is an innovation which allows moving forwards and backwards without using the engine clutch control, but by simply operating the control on the handlebars. 

When operating, the EasyDrive® by-passes the clutch, with the advantage that it is not engaged and disengaged for each maneuvers. 

This always allows the maximum torque and protection of the transmission, while reducing the maintenance and increasing the lifetime of the machine.

Steering clutches

sample powersafe
This original mechanism independently controls the integral steering clutch-brake mechanisms housed in closed cases on the two wheels, through two levers on the handle bars. 

This gives the Ferrari S Grifon excellent stability on steep terrains, meaning maximum steering comfort, easy handling and perfect control of the machine.


sample powersafe The PowerSafe hydraulic clutch ensures several advantages:

  • Performance and Reliability of a hydraulic clutch with no maintenance, even in heavy use with alternating movement tools (cutter bars) or in use at a high inertia level (lawn mower or heavy-duty mower).

  • Safety immediate machine stop due to an integrated automatic brake which stops both the machine and the attachment when releasing the handlebar.

  • Comfort with elimination of preliminary stages for engine starting which runs continuously even when the operator releases the handlebar.

  • Guarantee: the PowerSafe clutch unit has a 5-year extended guarantee.